Museums and galleries: build a touchscreen exhibit for under £500. With IGOR!

Museums in the UK and USA use Interactive Galleries On Request (or IGOR for short) to quickly and cost-effectively create compelling digital exhibits which can be easily installed in any gallery or exhibition space.

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What is IGOR?

Interactive Galleries On Request (or IGOR for short) is our budget digital development platform for museums, galleries and other public bodies. It is designed specifically to create digital exhibits that are installed on-gallery and can be used by anyone, from curators, to technical staff to content teams.

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(For more advanced options and to publish exhibits on iOS, please see IGOR’s newer sibling, Darwin.)


Learn quickly

Designed with non-technical museum staff in mind, IGOR is a breeze to use.

Develop rapidly

See results very quickly; change and improve your exhibit as you work.

Take control

You have a huge amount of control over layouts, colours and functionality with our Content Tool.

Use and re-use

Exhibition finished? Make another digital exhibit and re-use IGOR in another gallery.

Keep complete control over your exhibits

You build it so you control what is in it.

The traditional production model has museums writing and signing off content before they hand it to agencies to build into an exhibit. Using IGOR, you can start creating your exhibit even as you develop your content – you can test it on-gallery with  visitors as you work. This iterative process means you can tailor your content to your audience as you go – rather than fixing it later (which is more costly and frankly, annoying!)

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Interested? Worried? You don’t have to Do It Yourself!

IGOR is very easy to learn and use but if you’d like some help we offer a range of production packages and ongoing technical support.

We appreciate that some museums would like some help getting started (or even finished!) with an exciting new technology like IGOR and have a range of production packages to do just that. If you’re confident with technology like IGOR you can take it and build to your heart’s content; if you’re not then we’ll help you every step of the way.

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Save thousands on digital exhibits

Avoid going to potentially costly agencies, by building the exhibits yourself.

IGOR allows you to easily and quickly build a personalised, professional display that will entertain, inform and excite your visitors. You can update and amend your exhibit at anytime, keeping your on-gallery exhibits fresh and up to date. With simple set up training available and on-going support available at a number of levels whenever you need it, IGOR provides exceptional value for money and is the obvious choice for your museum or visitor centre.

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Make, remake and remake again

Exhibition finished? Change your content to create another exhibit.

Each IGOR licence allows you to show a digital exhibit to the public. Traditionally when an exhibition is over (or is updated) existing digital exhibits are scrapped or have to be expensively updated – not so with IGOR! You can re-make your exhibits – re-designing them from scratch if you wish – as many times as you like, which means that IGOR becomes astounding value for money over just a few years.

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‘IGOR is a great solution for creating simple and cost-effective digital exhibits.’ Dave Patten, Head of New Media, Science Museum