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IGOR marks the start of a brand new phase for the cricket museum.

To mark the club’s 175th anniversary, and as the first part of an exciting new development phase, Sussex County Cricket Club Museum have installed a brand new IGOR exhibit which both complements and enhances the rest of the museum.

With their time taken up almost exclusively by forthcoming 175th celebrations, the Museum’s Trust asked us to create a digital exhibit for them from scratch. Using our own wide experience in digital interpretation and education, we built an exhibit which they can build on and enhance in the future.

Some of its features – which are of course all available to IGOR licence holders – are as follows:


Setting context and proving more background information
Simple, elegant page layouts provide ‘scene setting’ for the various areas in the museum. Hotspots and popups allow visitors to ‘dig deeper’ for more information if they wish.

Giving access to fragile objects
One of the museum’s most famous objects is an ornate album showing the coronation of star player Ranjitsinhji (who in his later life became the Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanaga). The album is one of only two in the world and is far too fragile for general visitors to see. We filmed the museum’s curator giving a brief (3 mins) guided tour of some of its pages – providing visitors with a unique digital experience.

Opening up the archives
Sussex famously won what became the Gillette Cup twice in the 1960s and have many photos they could display – but not enough space. Using IGOR’s ‘object viewer’ template we’ve given access to some of these images, a digital collection that can now be grown over time. And IGOR’s ‘Massive image explorer’ brings some of the more detailed images to life in unexpected and engaging ways.
Getting competitive
Finally, the exhibit contains IGOR’s latest feature – a quiz! The museum uses a simple editing tool to add questions, answer options and text for a ‘more info’ panel (which can appear when visitors select the correct answer). The museum can set a background image, font colours and sound effects to customize the quiz, change the number of questions per round and edit the on-screen introduction and results text, even defining how points are described (in this case, points won are  ‘runs’ and points lost are ‘wickets’). IGOR shows different questions each time, even changing the order of question options – something which we’ve seen catch out more than one unlucky visitor!

The quiz has been incredibly well received and is a great way to engage your visitors with your content. Want to do well at the quiz? Better look round the museum!

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