Case Studies | Science Museum

IGOR has been installed in many galleries at the Science Museum including Oramics, Turing and Antenna.

Dave Patten, their Head of New Media told us, ‘We have a requirement for software that allows us to quickly and cheaply put together information points, especially for temporary exhibitions. We identified that a template-driven solution was a great way to do this as it means that non-technical staff can create the exhibits. We’ve reviewed a number of solutions in the past, and were looking to buy in a system when Digital Opportunities demoed IGOR (Interactive Galleries On Demand) to us.’

The Science Museum worked closely with us during the final stages of IGOR’s development and provided a wealth of valuable insights and on-gallery testing to ensure the interface and functionality were optimised for museum and gallery deployment.

Dave added, ‘We were able to carry out some evaluation work to ensure it all worked as planned. We put it into one system in the Oramics gallery and five in the Antenna gallery.’

‘We were able to add the content simply and easily – photos, videos and a deeper level of text than you might find on a panel. Igor’s easy to use interface meant that we could hand the development to small content teams, who would not normally be involved in technical work.’

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