What can I make with IGOR?

IGOR gives you four distinct types of exhibit (or installation) and a huge amount of flexibility within them to create fantastic digital installations at a fraction of the normal cost. Here are just some of the things you might like to do with IGOR. And don’t forget that once you no longer need a particular IGOR installation you can change the content and re-purpose it for another exhibition!

Touchscreen interactives

Object exploration with text, zoomable images and video

Interactive images with hotspots and popups

Interactive timelines with full page scrolling, hotspots and popups

Multi-language guides (one language per chapter)

Video jukeboxes with full-screen videos

Themed discussion of objects, events etc. including videos of object handling

Artist interviews with video and audio clips

Video players

Gallery overview video with subtitle/signing options

Attractor video activated by
on-gallery hardware e.g. PIR

Rotating set of curator video
interviews (change them daily!)


Interview with visitors: what’s
cool, what’s exciting, what’s just round the corner!

And lots more…

Captioned slideshows

Visitor wayfinding information delivered on slides

Additional object information
shown next to display cases

Artist/creator portraits and
brief biographies split across several slides

Photos of the museum taken by users, copied (with permission!)
from Flickr

Visitors photographs of
themselves on-gallery,
showing popular exhibits

And lots more…

News/events viewers

Latest museum news

Events listing for the day

Visitor guidance and tips
(maybe projected
onto the walls?)

Interesting facts of the day

Forthcoming events
and attractions

And lots more…

IGOR provides us with a well-featured toolset to deliver in-Gallery interactives quickly and for free!

David Saywell, Head of Digital Programmes, National Portrait Gallery