By subscribing to our IGOR consultancy service you'll also receive our regular updates and improvements

IGOR is developing and being improved all the time.

For example, in the last year we added the ability to create hotspots and popups, the maintenance screen and movies-in-screensavers. Over the next year (to mid 2015) we are planning the following updates:

  1. Allowing IGOR to show online images (so you could e.g. use images from your online collection)
  2. Allowing IGOR to show fragments of online text/html  (so you could e.g. use text from your online collection)
  3. The IGOR Scheduler, version 1.  Allows you to schedule a different exhibit to display each day
  4. The IGOR Scheduler, version 2. Allows you to choose a ‘fact of the day’ for the screensaver
  5. The IGOR Scheduler, version 3. Allows you to schedule any exhibit at any time of day.

Subscribers to our IGOR consultancy service will be notified of updates and given download access. Each time you’ll get a new IGOR, IGORWidescreen and Content Tool application – updating is simply a case of copying the applications into your IGOR folder, overwriting the existing ones.