Save over £10,000 with IGOR? Really?

Here's how you might do it over a three year period...

First of all, an introduction

For this demonstration we’ll  use a real world example: an interactive we recently helped Brighton and Hove Albion FC to create. It looks at the history of the club’s kit and uses a mixture of video, text and high quality images to tell the story of seventy years of football fashion!

We’ll price this on two models: first, asking a fictional agency to build the exhibit from scratch and second, using IGOR to build it yourself.

In both models we’ll assume you’ve asked for some help with the basic idea, design and content from the agency (or from us).

(Spoiler alert: IGOR is cheaper!)


Second, a brief

This exhibit will have a front screen leading to:

- A full-screen video (made cheaply using Powerpoint or Keynote) that returns to the front screen when it has finished

- Chapters on the club’s kits with (up to) 192 individual records on players and kits

- The ability to explore large scale images of all the above

- A timeout sequence if no-one is using the interactive

- A ‘maintenance’ screen that lets museum staff quit the interactive just using the touchscreen (so they can e.g. copy over new files from a USB stick without having to plug in a keyboard)

- A design that reflects the new exhibition

Pricing this the ‘traditional’ way

We’ve put together a cost based on what this might cost our fictional agency to create (btw prior to creating IGOR we worked for years in such agencies so we know what we’re talking about). Everything is based on an average day rate of £500, which is fairly low in today’s market.

- Wireframe and approach: 0.5 days

- Defining and refining design approach: 1.0 days

- Building basic content pages, with spec as above: 4 days

- Adding content from the museum: 1.0 days

- Adding maintenance screen: 0.5 days

- Adding screensaver: 1.0 days

- Testing (including overnight testing to ensure stability): 1.0 day

The above comes to nine days (or £4,500) but does not include any ability for the museum to change and edit their own content. Building a digital exhibit is one thing, building one that can be easily edited is quite another.

Because we’re feeling generous, we’ll say that making all the above fully editable – and testing all that functionality – will only take three days. (It will take much more, believe us!)

That makes a grand total of twelve days, which equates to £6,000.

That is, £6,000 to create a fully tested, fully working digital exhibit that museum staff can edit and extend over time.


Now we’ll price it the IGOR way.

You’ll see the process gets a lot easier and quicker using IGOR!

- Wireframe and approach: 0.75 days

This takes slightly quicker with IGOR as we already have a varied range of templates and features to choose from

- Defining and refining design approach: 0.75 days

Again takes slightly quicker with IGOR as we design for a range of templates.

- Building basic content pages, with spec as above: 0.5 days

Adding new content pages with IGOR is the matter of moments

- Adding content from the museum: 1.5 days

Adding each element of content takes seconds with IGOR

- Adding maintenance screen: 0.0 days

This comes as standard with IGOR

- Adding screensaver: 0.0 days

This comes as standard with IGOR

- Testing (including overnight testing to ensure stability): 0.0 days

IGOR has been tested heavily over the last few years and has been run every day in major national museums since 2011.

- Making the above full editable, including text, and assets layouts, fonts, colours, button styles, screensaver: 0.0 days

This comes as standard with IGOR

The above comes to just over three days of time, most of which comes from your design/content teams (or from us, if you choose us to create the exhibit for you). All the rest comes built-in to IGOR as standard.

Each IGOR licence costs £2,499. If we assume that you ask us to create the design and add the content, and that we have the same day rate as our fictional agency, that figure goes up to £4,499.

That’s a saving of over £1,500 on your software costs…

And now it gets even better

So we’ve seen that the software cost for this year using IGOR (and some help from us) is £4,499.

Imagine now that you wish to build a different exhibit next year, to replace the original. Your IGOR licence lasts forever so, if you choose to re-build the exhibit yourself (and after a year using IGOR you’ll be an expert!) the software cost is zero.



So that’s a saving of £4,499 on year two. And year three. And year four and on…


Over a three year period IGOR could easily save you £10,000 or more!

That’s making and re-making just one exhibit a year. If you are planning on two or three exhibits then the savings scale proportionally.

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