IGOR in sixty seconds

Here is a whistle-stop guide to IGOR and what you can do with it

1. IGOR is a unique software tool with which museums can build their own digital exhibits. By that we mean interactive publications which you can display on a desktop computer (that’s Windows or Macintosh) or a tablet (iOS and Android), and which visitors interact with using a mouse or touchscreen.

2. Museums can also become digital publishers, by distributing those same exhibits via a bespoke iPad or Android tablet app, reaching potentially millions of your supporters, helping to fulfil the classic remit: getting curated content to the general public.

3. IGOR has been designed from the ground up with museums in mind; it comes with a great set of features optimised for museum use.

4. IGOR is very easy to use – but if you are not confident about using it (or don’t have the time) we can build your exhibit for you, at a fraction of the normal cost.

5. Heritage institutions of all sizes, such as the Science Museum, National Portrait Gallery and even Brighton and Hove Albion FC  regularly use IGOR.

6. Once you have created your digital exhibit you can update and amend it as often as you like. Updating is easy: on desktop computers, copy files to and from a USB memory stick and install on-gallery; on tablets simply use our content tool to upload your exhibit to our servers, and your app will download it for you.

7. You can have as many IGOR exhibits as you have licences. You can buy single licences (each costs £2,500 and lasts forever) or subscribe to our Digital Publisher package which provides a custom iPad app and unlimited licences.

8. We provide two months technical support via email and phone; you can also purchase an extended technical service for just £750. Rest assured we will always answer you!

9. Build your exhibit using our content tool, defining the structure, graphic design – and then adding your own text, images and video. You can then do one of three things:

  – Gallery installation: Run it directly on a desktop computer and touchscreen installed in-gallery

  – Gallery iPad installation: Upload the exhibit to our server where it can be downloaded and viewed on a iPad installed in-gallery

  – Publish: Upload the exhibit to our server where it can be downloaded as one of many ‘stories’ to a bespoke tablet app that is available on the APple App and Android Play stores i.e. is available to the general public. This could be linked to a particular exhibition or event, an archive of previous exhibition content, or brand new material,  a great way of communicating with your public.