Features: overview

IGOR is packed with features and tools that make it incredibly easy to build all kinds of digital exhibits.

Add your content, quickly and easily

Our easy-to-use content tool lets you add text, image, video and more – you’ll have a basic working exhibit in minutes.

Free up your valuable time

Because IGOR is so quick and efficient to use, you’ll have more time to spend on other parts of your project, saving you time and hassle!

Re-use your old computers

IGOR is designed to run on pretty much any old computer, saving museums even more money. Got some old PCs round the back? You can use them to run IGOR (all you’d need is a touchscreen).

Video Players

Play full-screen videos and allow users to select alternatives.

You can use IGOR to create a simple video-on-demand display for use in the gallery. Configure IGOR to play a primary video, then set up alternate videos to be played on specific keystrokes.

News and events viewers

Display your own news feed – from the web or a local file.

You can use IGOR to display your latest news and events through the RSS viewer.

Set up your RSS feed, choose your fonts and colours and background image. You can even set a movie as your background if you wish!

Interactive Touchscreens

Make engaging navigable content for your gallery quickly and easily.

You can use IGOR to create elegant interactives for use with touch screens or other controllers; with control over fonts, colours, images, backgrounds – practically every aspect of the publication. You can preview your work as you go – deploying the touchscreen is then as simple as copying your IGOR folder to the destination machine.

See some great case studies from museums around the UK…

Captioned slideshow

Show landscape or portrait slideshows with editable captions.

Build your own slideshow, with editable captions, as easily as choosing a folder of images and typing in your content!

You can choose between landscape and portrait caption formats, and select the font, size and colour or your captions

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‘IGOR is a great solution for creating simple and cost-effective digital exhibits.’

Dave Patten, Head of New Media, Science Museum