IGOR for iPad

IGOR's easy-to-use content development system means you've designed an iPad app without realising it!

With  IGOR for iPad you can publish your existing IGOR digital exhibits – or make new ones just for the purpose – either for use in your visitor spaces, or as a bespoke app, with your branding and imagery, available on the App store.
In your visitor space

As you know, you can build digital exhibits with IGOR to run on Windows and Mac computers – are there have been over 50 deployed in UK museums in the last three years. But you can now also deploy to iPads, which means fewer hardware considerations and built-in pinch-and-zoom functionality.
As a bespoke app

We can create a bespoke version of the IGOR for iPad front end, with your graphic, fonts, branding and name then publish on the App store. With this system you’ll be able to regularly create and upload multiple IGOR exhibits (or ‘stories’) online, which users can then download and install, effectively turning you into an iPad digital publisher.
So if you’ve already made an IGOR exhibit it can be integrated with no extra work  - but with the advantage that you can now create as many more as you like.
For more info and to see IGOR for iPad in action have a quick peek at this video (its only about 2 minutes long)
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Develop once

Using IGOR means that the same content and designs can be used for your in-gallery and iPad projects. That’s a huge saving in time and effort.

In-gallery exhibits at home

Using IGOR means that visitors can have exactly the same digital experience on their iPad at home as they did in your gallery, promoting a more consistent experience.

Test with real visitors

Using IGOR means you can build and test your digital exhibit in your gallery before creating an iPad app – you can be sure that visitors enjoy and engage with it (and if they don’t, you can change it).

If you would like to build a single non-editable iPad app from an IGOR exhibit…

Once you are happy with your digital exhibit, you can ask us to convert it into an iPad app for you. 

The combined cost for an IGOR licence and iPad app is £6,000 – or you can just buy an iPad app (and develop the content using our trial software) for £4,000.

IGOR for iPad works exactly as the normal version of IGOR, and takes all the structural, layout and content data from your exhibit. In other words, it looks and acts exactly the same as your in-gallery exhibit but includes additional ‘pinch and zoom’ image functionality.

Here’s how it works:

- You build an IGOR digital exhibit to be installed in your museum or gallery (or we do it for you). We sometimes call this the desktop version of IGOR.

- Once you are happy with it e.g. after a period of use and feedback from visitors, possibly with some enhancements and changes along the way, you send us the complete digital exhibit. This is generally a folder called IGOR containing all your content, images and videos.

- We convert that digital exhibit into an iPad app and send you a version to test. You will of course need your own iPad! – As the  desktop and iPad exhibits are identical, the testing process is usually quite quick.

- Once you are happy with it we can do one of two things: install it on a set number of iPads for use in your museum, or submit it for publishing in the Apple App Store. Which we do is up to you – some museums want apps that are only for use in the gallery itself, others want to publish their content to the general public.

- Please note that this version of the IGOR iPad app cannot be changed (by you) once they are published  - unlike the version described above – but we can always provide low-cost updates if required.


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